Haifa – Plan חפ/1704 – The Industrial Zone, next to the Check Post

Plan חפ/ 1704 was created with the purpose of creating an employment zone to serve as a knowledge base and provide accessory services. The project was to be performed optimally by re-dividing the area and achieving maximum utilization of the land, taking into account its location within the metropolitan space, the existing and planned transportation systems in the area and local natural features.
The plan includes employment zones, public areas, roads and open areas, as well as the nature reserve surrounding the Ein Sa’adiah River.

The project led by our firm included, among others, the following components:

– Allocating new roads and connecting them to the existing and planned road systems, particularly to the Carmel tunnels.
– Presenting possible parking solutions for the construction on the area’s different lots.
– Designing a pedestrian mall at the center of the plan, with a commercial façade for stores, coffee shops and restaurants to serve employees and visitors.