Highway 31- Nevatim-Arad – Detailed Planning

Approximately 70 km long, Highway 31 begins at Lehavim Junction and passes through Lehavim, Lakia, Chura, Ksifah and Arad, ending at the Zohar Junction near the Dead Sea. The one-way, two lane road has a very high accident rate, and serves as a main lateral axis, connecting Highway 90 to Highway 40 in the direction of the central region of Israel and to Highway 60 in the direction of Be’er Sheva.
In this Design-Build project, our firm planned a 14 km segment, starting west of Kuseife and ending at the entrance to Arad. The work included widening the road into a two-way road with two lanes each way, erecting two compact junctions (at the entrance to Kuseife and at Arad Park) and planning a split junction with traffic lights at the junction of Highway 31 and Highway 80.

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