Horpish – Southern Neighborhood

Situated in the mountains of the Upper Galilee, east of Ma’alot – Tarshicha and west of Kibbutz Sasa, Horpish (in Arabic: حرفيش) is a Druze local council in the northern region of Israel.
In late 2011, the settlement had a population of 5,700, and a growth rate of 1.8% annual.
The projects includes the planning of a large neighborhood south of Highway 89, numbering approximately 220 residential units, including roads, traffic, parking spaces and earth works on the lots, supporting walls and infrastructures (water, drainage, power, sewage, telephone and communication lines, lighting).
The area is characterized by extremely difficult topographic conditions (a slope of over 30%). This forced us to plan very high supporting walls (up to 14 m). The cost of these walls left doubts as to the economic feasibility of the project.

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