Solar Power Plants – Hatzerim, Sdeh Boker, Ein HaShlosha

Our firm planned the development of several solar power plants. The work included extensive earth works (and maintaining a cut/fill balance), as well as drainage and development works.

1. Yotveta – Demo Solar Energy Facility at the Ardom Industrial Zone

– Type of facility: thermo solar, CSP – parabolic trough
– Area: 20 dunams
– Output: experimental
– Cost of construction: 20 million NIS
– An experimental facility, the only one of its kind in Israel, built by Shikkun & Binui to test the technology’s feasibility.

2. Sdeh Boker Solar Power Plant

– The buyer: Shikkun & Binui
– Type of facility: PV
– Area: 120 dunams
– Output: 5MW
– Cost of construction: approx. $10M

3. Hatzerim Solar Power Plant

– Buyer: Shikun & Binui
– Type of facility: PV
– Area: 150 Dunams
– Output: 6MW
– Cost of Construction: approx. $10M

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