Tel Aviv 2000 – Town Planning Scheme Consulting

Our firm serves as a traffic consultant for the Mensfeld-Kahat architectural firm in the design of the TA 2000 project. Our plan had won first place in an international contest for the design of Tel Aviv’s new business center. The integrated transportation center will be constructed above the Ayalon Highway and Savidor Railway Station. It will require covering the Ayalon road in the segment between HaHalacha Bridge and the Beggin Bridge – a 150 dunam area.
The project includes planning an area of over 450 dunams, with over 1000 residential units, 750,000 sq. m of commercial areas and a 50,000 sq. m transportation center.
The transportation center will integrate all means of public transport in the area, including Israel Railways, the Tel Aviv LRT (the Red and Purple lines), a central bus terminal, taxi stations and “park & go” parking lots for private vehicles and two-wheelers.
Seeing as the center will have to accommodate a very large number of people, our main objective throughout the transportation planning process was concern for pedestrians. The guiding principle of our work was minimizing the access road crossing points and separating vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic by using elevated or underground crossings.

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