The Guide to Traffic Arrangements at Railway Crossings

The Israeli railway system has changed significantly in recent years: train speed and service frequency have increased, new lines, railways and train stations were added. Today, railway traffic plays a key role in Israel’s public transportation system, and will continue to do so in the future.
At the same time, Israel’s road network is growing and traffic volume is increasing – a result of the population growth and rising motorization rate.
The policy of The Ministry of Transportation prioritizes the safety of railway crossings – places where railways and roads intersect on the same level. In light of this, we were asked to write and edit the guide to traffic arrangements at railway crossing worksites, for the purpose of instructing the factors involved in the planning and performance of the works as to the placement of traffic signs and other means of safety warning, to ensure the works are performed safely for the workers and commuters. Today, the guide is used by the executive contractors working on the railway crossings and their maintenance crews.

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