The Worksite Traffic Arrangements Guide

(Excerpt from the letter of Mr. Yehuda Elbaz, the National Overseer of Traffic, written in November 2012 as a foreword to the intercity guide):

“The State of Israel invests great efforts and funds in the development of its transportation infrastructure. These efforts go towards the construction, paving, expansion and improvement of all transportation systems, including the country’s road networks.
As a result, we encounter more and more worksites, where work takes place alongside ongoing traffic. The constraints of these worksites create situations that are abnormal, when compared to ordinary road conditions. These must be addressed separately and thoroughly, by implementing traffic arrangements and eliminating possible risk points.
This is a guide to traffic arrangements for worksites on intercity roads. It lists traffic arrangements required for each and every site in order to minimize the constraints and limitations, and maintain the highest possible capacity, level of safety and service quality.
The guide itself is based on the knowledge and experience collected from a large number of projects and worksites, over a long period, since the publication of the previous guide in 2006.”

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