Tiberias – HaHashmonaim Blvd. –Beggin Blvd. – Highway 90 Segment

The HaHashmonaim Blvd. project provides an alternative for drivers arriving to Tiberias from the direction of the Golani Interchange [insert link to correct project page] and wish bypass it from the south, to Highway 90 and the Tzemach junction.
Today, vehicles moving in this direction must cross the crowded Tiberias city center all the way to the connection to Highway 90. The goal of this project is to plan a new, 3.2 km long road to connect Highway 77 directly to Highway 90, and divert some of the traffic from the city to Highway 90, thus shortening commute times and avoiding existing neighborhoods.
The road is planned to have two lanes each way, and the area beside it is intended for new residential neighborhoods.
The engineering challenge in this project is designing very high supports and foundations for road support walls and area supports, as well as providing drainage solutions for the area. Our firm is in charge of the advance and detailed planning stages, before a tender is published for the performance of the works.

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